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Since 1988, the company has been doing business throughout Brazil continuously seeking quality, and earning the total trust of its clients.

The company, a genuine Minas Gerais native, is located at Av. Tom Jobim, 2681 - Cidade Industrial, Contagem, Minas Gerais. Its facilities, with a total area of 16,000 m2, house the central administration, maintenance, garage, circulation yard, an area for testing of equipment cargo movement, and an operator training unit.

In 1998, with the new transformations and requirements of the globalized world, REAL launched its quality program with the aim of gaining the ISO 9002 certification, and achieved this in March of 2000.

In 2009, after some time of research, REAL entered the tower crane business. We work with the most modern and productive cranes available in the market. All of our tower cranes are from Liebherr.

Jardim Canadá Branch

Created in 2009, with an area of 18,000 m² in Bairro Jardim Canadá, in the town of Nova Lima, this location is a support center for services carried out in that region and a center for training of tower crane drivers maintenance, and testing.

Because of its strategic location, this unit allows us to serve clients much more quickly and efficiently with regard to maintenance and technical visits to Vale’s mines and to clients located in the Congonhas and Ouro Branco regions, also in Minas Gerais.


We have a very large and diversified fleet, with crawler and telescopic mobile cranes from 25 to 500 metric tons and average age of 6 years, and tower cranes from 71 to 160 metric tons and average age of 6 months.

Our fleet has the newest technology available in the market like the possibility to operate tower and mobile cranes by wireless remote-control for the most restricted and extremely precise services, when the operator cannot see the cargo.

Fleet maintenance program

We dedicate a lot of effort to preventive maintenance and the qualification of professionals so that we can minimize as much as possible the occurrence of problems for the clients or on the way to the clients. This guarantees better quality and reliability in the services offered by REAL.

Rigging Plan

We believe that planning is the basis of successful work, and that is why we always strive to gather the maximum amount of information and details about a project to be executed and study it in depth to guarantee optimization and the best solution for the client.

Technical operators

In the year 2000, we began an innovative project of excellence
in crane operation.

Lasting approximately 2 years, this program began to recruit professionals who were graduates of technical schools and train them in operation of mobile and tower cranes. This training consists of theory of cargo movement and safety inherent to the process. Only after this process the practical training begins at our facility.

After passing this stage, the operator began to accompany experienced professionals to participate in the practical situations. At the end of the training period, the professional is evaluated, and only after this stage would the operator be ready to assume cargo movement operations.

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Av. Tom Jobim, 2681 - Cidade Industrial
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