Solutions in Hoisting, Rental, and Cargo Movement.


Solutions in hoisting, rental, and cargo movement

  • Tower Cranes

  • Telescopic Cranes

At REAL, we don’t simply rent mobile and tower cranes. We offer solutions for your needs and optimization of your processes, whether they are heavy or light.

Besides having trained operators, customer satisfaction is our premise, and regardless of the day or time, we are always prepared for any eventuality in your business.

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Rigging Plan

 For the quality execution of cargo movement services, the first item to analyze is the client’s need from the technical point of view. The visit consists of looking at all the interferences, topography, area measurements, weight and dimensions of the cargo, etc.

With all this information, a rigging plan, or cargo movement plan, is then elaborated with the help of programs which simulate the operation to be carried out, to foresee all the project situations, and thereby avoid setbacks and disruptions for the client.

Service and Maintenance Plan

We are greatly concerned with client satisfaction, that is, not creating problems. When a maintenance problem occurs with a an equipment, we try to respond quickly and efficiently, regardless of the place, time, and day.

When we can’t resolve the problem, whenever possible, we try to substitute with a similar or superior crane to take care of the situation. This is one of our customer service commitments.

Technical Operators

All of our operators have previous technical training. When they are hired by REAL, they undergo theoretical training of cargo movement and safety, as well as practical training at our facilities. This means that we deliver more quality in the service that you contract.

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